‘Random Act of Journalism’ by NBC on viruses’ numbers

Looks like The Today Show may have committed what Rush Limbaugh called a “random act of journalism,” as Townhall reports.

They did a story wondering why some of the states with the tightest restrictions in the country, like Michigan and New York, are now experiencing outbreaks of the Wuhan coronavirus while places that have removed restrictions and abandoned warrants, like Texas and Arkansas, had declining cases. ?

Now, although they raised a good question, they did not come to a clear conclusion.

They speculated that it might be less taxing in the southern states. The problem with this argument is that if this were true, hospitalizations and deaths would also increase and it does not appear to be the case. For example, in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott reported that deaths and hospitalizations continued to decline.

They also speculated that the younger ones can go to places like Miami and then bring it back. But that also seems an odd conclusion, as they say the numbers in Miami have only increased slightly. The slight increase could be the behavior of spring break. But then, if people “bring it back”, why wouldn’t the numbers be higher in unrestricted Miami than in the still restricted areas they were returning to?

They talked about variants like the British strain of Michigan and Minnesota. But they note that Florida also has British stock but has not seen the same degree of peak as the expanding states.

NBC noted when they discovered this phenomenon that people under the age of 60 accounted for the majority of new cases. This may be in part because of the concentrated efforts to vaccinate older people who are older and at greater risk.

In other words, while the cases may increase in some of these areas, they are in younger people and the cases are milder. Texas did not lift the restrictions in a vacuum, it only did so after seeing the number of hospitalizations and deaths continue to drop and since the restrictions were lifted a month ago, it has not.

Now Georgia is the next to open. The state has recorded an average of less than 1,400 new cases detected in recent days, the lowest level since last June.